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Funding for the PIRC program as a whole has been discontinued by the US Department of Education. Therefore, most PIRC programs are no longer in operation although several are continuing with funding from other sources. You may contact PIRCs directly to determine their status.
Missouri PIRC
Springfield, MO
St. Louis, MO
1300 E. Bradford Parkway
Springfield, MO 65804

Web site:
Hours: 8 am - 5pm, Monday through Friday
Ms. Sandra D’Angelo

Phone: 417-269-7245
Fax: 417 269-7212

Evaluator: Jana Bufkin, Ph.D., Vickie Luttrell, Ph.D.

Logo for Missouri PIRC

State PIRC Board:

  • Sue Stepleton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc.
  • Kathy Nevans, President, Missouri PTA
  • Becky Kemna, Coordinator, Division of School Improvement and Accreditation - Federal Programs and Early Childhood, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Lyn Konstant, Ph.D., RD, Chief, Bureau of WIC and Nutrition Services, Division of Community and Public Health, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Doris Hallford , Deputy Director, Children’s Division, Missouri Department of Social Services

Special Advisory Committees:

Parent Advisory Group Family Bridges

The Missouri PIRC – Southwest provides parents, community organizations, early childhood caretakers and educators, and schools with training and information on how children develop and what they need to succeed in school..

Parental engagement models

(Based on Epstein, et al. (2002). School, Family, and Community Partnerships.)
Parenting education:

  • Devereux Early Childhood Assessment and Strategies, Building Incredible Brains, PAT
Learning at Home
  • Every Child Ready to Read, Building Incredible Brains
  • “Prescription Book Bags” – multimedia library loan materials on specific development topics available in English and Spanish
Community collaboration
  • Mayors Commission for Children – developing a Community Plan for Children
  • Partners with Springfield-Greene County Library System, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, Ozarks Public Television

Early childhood models

  • Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) and accompanying program strategies
  • Building Incredible Brains based on Neurons to Neighborhoods
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Every Child Ready to Read

Major activities
Early childhood activities are noted above. We will be working with local districts in planning parental involvement activities, particularly focusing on our early childhood centers. As part of this effort, we are conducting (in collaboration with the Mayor’s Commission for Children and the Show-me-Kids System of Care project) a survey of kindergarten readiness and social-emotional development in selected Head Start and Kindergarten classroom across the region. In addition, we are providing consultation and training to preschool teachers on social-emotional development in early childhood and its realtionship to school readiness and achievement, and consulting with providers on strategies to strengthen child resiliency. Finally, through Missouri State University (MSU), PIRC staff will be providing guest lectures on topics such as NCLB and Title 1 issues, literacy, family involvement, and social-emotional development. The Project Director is in the working with the MSU Department of Education to construct an intersession class on NCLB.

How the Work Plan Meets the Needs of Parents
We will be providing information on child development, literacy, and social emotional skills, as well as NCLB and Title 1, through out-reach workshops, participation in regional and statewide community events, and in written format. Outreach to homeless, low income, LEP, and teen parent groups will be emphasized.

Alignment of Work to Statewide PIRC efforts
The first year of the work of Missouri PIRC – Southwest will focus on roll out of the programs in the region, materials development, and on establishing collaborative relationships with the schools and the early childhood providers. Through our consortia partners the mission of the PIRC will be geographically extended through existing networks, e.g., the state library association and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In addition, collaboration with the Missouri PIRC at LIFT will assist in extending the impact of the PIRCs statewide.

Unique characteristics
Our PIRC has created a collaboration of agencies involved in parent involvement, literacy, devlopmental education, public access radio/television, and early childhood in this region that will be the basis of statewide dissemination. The collaborative is active in work on a community Plan for Children that will link existing resources, yield a gap analysis of needs, and provide a framework for planfully developing future programs.

Free Webinar Series
The U.S. Department of Education and its partners invite you to view the archive for the webinar, Bringing it All Together: Family and Community Engagement Policies in Action, which took place on November 16, 2011.

This is the ninth and final webinar in the series, Achieving Excellence and Innovation in Family, School, and Community Engagement.
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